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What Tamworth Genealogy Group Does

Carrying out research can sometimes be isolating when carried out on your own. Working alongside others, sharing research techniques and practices, knowledge of available databases and others experiences can be helpful, interesting and fun.

Tamworth Genealogy Group is open to anyone who is interested in researching their own family history. This does not mean that you or your family have to reside in Tamworth nor that you are researching your own family

You may be interested in researching someone of local or national significance. You may want to research your house’s history or a specific building or business within your local community. (We work with Tamworth History Group )

Tamworth Genealogy Group would be happy to welcome you to our meetings. The Group is made up of individuals with a shared interest, they come together to chat about and work on their own personal research.

They are willing to assist fellow researchers with their research and/or brickwalls and to share their combined knowledge and experience. It is informal and free to join and we meet up on a monthly basis on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the afternoon.

Should interest in the group grow it may be possible that an evening meeting could be arranged to enable those who are in employment to be able to attend.

For further information on when and where we meet please contact:- info@tamworthgenealogy.org.uk


It should be noted that we are not professional genealogists, just enthusiastic amateurs. We do not carry out research on behalf of others or as a service. However we pool knowledge and share information to help eachother in afriendly and welcomoing manner.


  • To assist those who want to begin researching but do not know how to start.
  • To enable discussions with fellow researchers with regard to brickwalls, alternative websites, different research resources and methods, access to various research resources and information.
  • To further our own research and help others further theirs.
  • To meet fellow researchers in a sociable friendly atmosphere.

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